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Venus enters Capricorn, December 25, 2017 – Patience

"A Haunt of Ancient Peace", by Fred Appleyard.
“A Haunt of Ancient Peace”, by Fred Appleyard.

Just as we cannot know light without first experiencing darkness, joy without experiencing pain, and anything without experiencing its opposite, we cannot truly grasp the meaning of genuine, honest connection without experiencing solitude and boundaries.
The heights of Capricorn are somewhat inhospitable for the luxuriant goddess of love and pleasure, yet, with Saturn transiting his domicile for the next three years, we have never been more in need of developing focus and accountability in all areas of life – including relationships. So, as Venus enters the sign of the goat, tomorrow, December 25, we might find that we need to spend some time away from the herd and get real about what we have, what we want, what we can work with, and what relationships patterns we need to leave in 2017.
While the Love Goddess climbs the mountain of the Goat, we also might start becoming more and more conscious that the things we take for granted in the realm of human relationships imply constant work in order to acquire a long-lasting value and support us in the long run. This concept is lightyears away from Venusian hedonism, yet embracing it while the transit lasts can help us achieving even greater levels of fulfillment from the experiences that bring us joy and pleasure.
Venus in Capricorn demands maturity and probity in handling our interpersonal connections; she asks us to let go of the attachments we rely on to fill our inner void, the delusions we cultivate as a form of escapism, the addictive relationship loops, and embrace the sometimes uncomfortable, but ultimately freeing truth of who we really are and what we really need, so that we can shift the energy we surround ourselves with; taking responsibility for what we want, what we enjoy, what we bring to others’ lives, what we take from them. Becoming more aware of personal boundaries. Focusing on what needs to be improved about ourselves and cultivating healthier, wiser ways of relating. In short, applying the Saturnine themes of integrity and self-discipline to relationships, which will in turn help us attracting connections which are truly aligned with our Soul and life path. For many of us, this inner process might translate to a vaguely desolating sense of solitude and disconnect. Cutting out the non-essentials and re-establishing healthy boundaries, somehow don’t go hand in hand with the festive climate of this season.
There is, however, an unquantifiable worth in what we are left with once we strip away the excess, the adornment, the superfluous. That sparkle of grace and beauty is Venus in Capricorn’s gift. It might take time, effort and a careful process of discrimination before we get to the bottom line, but the more we exert our agency and power of choice, the more we move towards balanced power dynamics, unconditional affection, healthy and fulfilling connections


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