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Venus enters Gemini, April 24, 2018 – A Moment of Clarity

Painting by Helena Nelson-Reed -
Painting by Helena Nelson-Reed –

Venus left Taurus for intellectually sophisticated Gemini, today, ushering in a rather different experience compared to the quiet, unfaltering vibe of her transit of Taurus. One that feeds on the potential for erotic and emotional fulfillment hidden in mental stimulation.
Venus in Gemini is lively and restless, and her airy dynamism awakens the desire to intellectually fathom the whys and wherefores of our Love Life, but also of our own preferences, tastes and inclinations, as well as our partner’s.  Venus in Gemini challenges us to up our own critical thinking skills and our learning abilities. She prompts us to loosen our grip and embrace our hopes, fears and desires, so that we can freely and openly share them with those we Love.
Intellectually digging into a partner’s thoughts and feelings is one of the most powerful shortcuts to the kind of Soul-shaking intimacy most of us crave. The most successful relationships, which, yes, include our relationship with the multiple facets of ourselves we carry within, involve upfront, honest, proactive communication.
It’s about never taking anything for granted – not our own values and how they evolve over time, nor our partner’s needs, wants and their progressive unfolding, as well. Paying attention to the pace of our own growth and our partner’s is an act of love and self-love.
Venus in Gemini loves to engage in dialogue; she learns by reaching out, and delights in the art of conversation. While she floats through this spirited, loquacious sign, we rediscover the joy and pleasure in experiencing the communion of minds, the lovemaking between intellects, the attraction arising from mutual intellectual stimulation. Most importantly, Venus in Gemini helps us collecting information about ourselves, our role in our most important relationships, and our partners, in the most amusing, pleasant way possible (Gemini Venus keeps it light, even though light-hearted questions might bring out heavy answers from time to time).
Gemini is also the sign of choices, and we might find that, from that load of information, new and fresh options might materialize for us to explore. Suddenly, we might realize there is more to pick from, than we previously assumed: more to appreciate, more to consider, more paths to pleasure, more solutions to our relationship issues, more sides to a story we thought we knew.
Venus leaves Gemini for Cancer on May 18.

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  • The love of my life had his Venus in Gemini. He was Gemini Taurus cusp with hisascendent also Gemini. I am Gemini with Venus in Taurus. We had such amazing conversations and a bond unlike anyother. It scared the crap out of us both and we separated because he couldn’t answer my deepest question: does he see me in his future as something more. This post makes me miss the discussions we had, the light, the easy that always led to the deeper things, and the laughter… He knew what to do for me when I was fatigued beyond endurance, grouchy, etc. And I for him. We balanced each other. I recently found out he died a few months ago and I am so deeply grieving. I’ve been with my husband for many years now, and will never have with him that same Venus in Gemini connection. It just isn’t possible.

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