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Venus enters Libra, October 14, 2017 – Harmony One

"A Noite e os Gênios do Estudo e do Amor", by Pedro Américo.
“A Noite e os Gênios do Estudo e do Amor”, by Pedro Américo.

Traditionally, ‘I balance’ is Libra’s motto. However, it’s also not unusual to stumble upon descriptions of Libra as the sign with the “iron fist in a velvet glove”, and many find it incredible to associate such statement to the pop-culture depiction of Libra as the shallow, appearance-oriented peacemaker of the Zodiac.
The metaphor starts to make sense once we cast the popular stereotypes aside, to focus on the true purpose and lesson that lies at the core of Libra; “I balance” suggests that Libran energy is a direct emissary of the Universe’s Law of Compensation. The Universe is a constantly balancing act between interlocking opposites, and yet, balance can’t be completely removed from strife, contrast, unfairness. Balance is processual, and Libra knows that – the very notion implies that there must be something to be harmonized, rectified, integrated. Libra’s tightrope walk between darkness and light can still be gracious and infused with aesthetic sense, but the determination, skills and strength behind such acrobatic performance are not to be underestimated. There is a reason why Saturn is exalted in Libra, and Aries is Libra’s opposite signs (opposites complement each other, as two ends of the same spectrum who can be integrated into a greater, more functional whole).
In short, balance is almost never effortless.
Starting from today, October 14, Venus, planet of love, values and relatedness, will spend four weeks in one of her two astrological domiciles – the other being Taurus. While Taurus awakes this ethereal goddess’ hunger for hedonism and comfort, luring her into the earthy pleasures of the material world, Venus’ transit of Libra lends itself to a refined, sophisticated assessment of the mutuality and cooperation in our closest relationships. What we give. What we take. What we put out. What we get in return. The dynamics of power and positions of privilege that might undermine the harmony in our surroundings (a subject that is bound to become more and more relevant over the course of the next months, with Jupiter diving into the deep dark waters of Scorpio). In short, balance – or lack thereof.
While it’s true that Love, at its purest, is divine, unconditional and all-encompassing, the power structures that subliminally shape our everyday interactions can condition the way Love is expressed, given, received – and there is no doubt that one-sided relationships and inequal exchanges, as well as co-dependenceand projections, will stick out during this transit.
Thankfully, Venus’ social grace, amplified by the natural resonance of fair-minded Libra, also provides an opportunity to assess and rebalance such differences in power, through reciprocity, and shared effort.
Jupiter’s current transit of Scorpio is hardly going to allow us to sweep the Truth under the rug once the truth behind the pretty picture is revealed (as dysfunctional Libra is often . What we can do, instead, is paying attention to how we relate, accepting responsibility for the creation of healthy reciprocal relationships, staying open to negotiation, and gracefully detaching from the influences and connections that drain us without offering anything in return.

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  • Hi, Christina.. you sure hit the nail on the head with this one. It was only nine o’clock this morning and I found myself,
    a Gemini, interceding in an emotional contretemps between two dark and saturnine personalities, head to head in a
    domination scenario that will probably have no “good” outcome, in their individual estimations. I, of course, one who
    usually can see both sides and possible solutions to most dualities, was by fate, the reluctant but essential referee.. and when I read this article of yours, ( by the way, you are a marvelous writer as well as astrologer), I immediately had clarification, not just on what has happened today, but what will happen. I see now what will need to be done to navigate these waters.. and I thank you. Blessed Be.. me

    • Thanks for your kind words, Daniel. I’m grateful for the kind words and glad you could relate to my writings. ♥


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