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Venus enters Pisces, February 10, 2018 – LSD (Love Sex Dreams)

"Starlust", by Victoria 'Witchoria' Siemer -
“Starlust”, by Victoria ‘Witchoria’ Siemer –

Venus immerses herself in the cloudy, blissfully intoxicating waters of Pisces on February 10, after a year-long journey through the Zodiac, prolonged by March 2017’s retrograde phase.
During her rollercoaster through the four elements, she has seen it all, been it all, experienced it all, gathering the energies and impressions from each of the twelve Zodiac archetypes, and storing them into her cellular memory. She has scrutinized the tiniest detail, contemplated the loftiest moral principles, savoured the finest luxuries, faced the most abysmal terror; thus, in the very last sign of the Zodiac circle, she is imbued with an universal, holistic quality that blurs the lines between human and Divine, past, present, and future, tangible and abstract, beatific and poisonous.
Venus in Pisces paints a soft-focus waterscape, using the whole spectrum of colors of the human Soul. She refracts impressions, projections and ideals onto those that surround us and back to us, enhancing longings and desires, awakening our hunger for primal fusion with one another, and our need to attain that godly sense of ecstasy that only seems possible in our dreams.
Pisces is the sign of Venus’ exaltation, and she is keen on losing herself in this psychedelic, prismatic ocean of feelings. Similarly, the most open and sensitive Souls among us can have trouble exerting moderation and discernment while this energy is being acted out by the collective: the potential sounds so appealing, the ideal looks so attainable, fantasy seems so feasible. Forgiveness and release feel more natural than ever.
There are benefits to losing ourselves with Venus in this stream, as well as eerie side effects.  The blurred, nuanced etymology of the Greek word φάρμακον (“phármakon”) serves as a suitable metaphor to untangle this ambivalence. We find traces of this original term in modern day words like pharmacology, pharmaceutical – which fit in a semantic field that encompasses health, medicine, chemistry. Yet, the significance of the root word is much vaster and ambiguous, indicating medicine as much as poison or even sorcery. In Pisces, we similarly walk the line between ethereal seduction and lethal subjugation. Venus in Pisces takes us beyond what we think we know, introducing us to our desire nature, inebriating us with our own cravings, disclosing a world of possibilities; yet, we might also get drunk on our own delusions and fall in love with our own reflection, like the beautiful, ingenuous Narcissus of (once again) Greek mythology.
A solid sense of Self can prevent us from getting sucked under by the psychedelic undertow of allurement, and sticking to the healthier expressions of Venus in Pisces energy: empathy that doesn’t turn into martyrdom; acceptance that doesn’t become self-punishment; inspiration that doesn’t cross over into mere wishful thinking; pure, heart-based Love that is devoid of projection and does not enable toxic (if not abusive) attitudes.
The Universe is a vast place; it takes a wise compass in order to remain aware of our direction. Being willing to go with the flow, with open eyes (all three of them) is not the same as floating aimlessly. Venus in Pisces can turn out a beautiful, otherworldly chance of reclaiming our peace of mind, regaining our inspiration, and getting rid of intrusive thoughts and detrimental attachments, if we are capable of keeping our addictions and projections in check at all times.

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