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Venus enters Sagittarius, December 1, 2017 – Something More

Image by Steven DaLuz -
Image by Steven DaLuz –

As Venus, planet of relatedness and relationships, enters cultured, free-thinking Sagittarius, on December 1st, we’re called to implement the richness, inclusivity and diversity of our social and romantic experience, to challenge the implicit bias that might condition our choice of partners, friends and associates, to love broadly, wholeheartedly, with less judgment, less sense of attachment. To get rid of the labels, armchair philosophies and man-made divisions that keep us from savoring the heterogeneity of mankind and human connections, and breathe new life into our social sphere.
Wild and restless, Sagittarius craves the euphoria of wide open spaces where to roam, either in a literal or metaphorical sense. The glyph for this sign pictures an arrow pointing skyward while lifting up a cross; it’s the Higher Mind that spiritualizes the matter, in search of a perfect integration of worldly action and noble aims. The centaur of the Zodiac comes alive when galloping towards a higher aspiration, transcending the grey walls of mundane existence, keeping sight of the “Big Picture” with its fiery arrows aimed at its goals. Thus, Sagittarius symbolizes sense of purpose, progress, and high-reaching vision. A vision carved from the raw material of our ideals, principles and beliefs. A fire that beckons, inspires, sustains. The fire that burns within us all and spurs our leaps of faith.
While low vibrational Sagittarius might crystallize such vision and beliefs into sterile dogmas and categorical doctrines, evolved Sagittarius is aware of the measure of cultural relativism through which it’s appropriate to approach matters like Truth and knowledge; an awareness that stems from the diversity encountered through tireless, humble exploration.
Thus, Venus’ transit of Sagittarius is a cosmic green light – an invitation to say yes to people, proposals and experiences that can open our eyes and nudge us out of our comfort zone. To follow the current, onwards and upwards, and allow our heart to take us towards new, exciting horizons.
The possibilities of love and interpersonal dynamics multiply and expands beyond the commonplace boundaries, awakening our thirst for discovery, adventure, education, prompting us to seek for growth on unfamiliar grounds.
Venus leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn on December 25.

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  • A delight not only for astrology people, but for anyone in love, or even just interested, in words and language.


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