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Venus enters Scorpio, November 7, 2017 – The Blood is Love

Artwork by Robin Isely -
Artwork by Robin Isely –

In physics, a state of matter is one of the distinct forms in which matter can exist. Four states of matter are observable in everyday life: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Many other states are known to exist only in extreme situations, such as Bose–Einstein condensates, neutron-degenerate matter, and quark-gluon plasma, which only occur in situations of extreme cold, extreme density, and extremely high-energy color-charged matter respectively. Some other states are believed to be possible but remain theoretical for now. […] The state or phase of a given set of matter can change depending on pressure and temperature conditions, transitioning to other phases as these conditions change to favor their existence. ” [Source:  Wikipedia]

The laws of physics teach us that transformation is the result of evolutionary pressure, and that the ceaselessly changing essence inevitably outgrows every form. Evolution is an area where Science and Metaphysics tend to overlap; too, we too are constantly changing and growing in consciousness through consciously responding to the challenging circumstances we’re presented with, until, at some point, it becomes necessary for us to shed our physical form and transition to a different realm of experience. Perhaps even (literal) death, the most radical transformation of all, can be seen as a phase between states of matter; on the other hand, metaphorical death deprograms us from our ingrained patterns, fears, self-sabotage, paving the way for growth, realization and empowerment.
Death is anything but the antithesis of life.
Through the spiritual death known as the dark night of the Soul, we midwife the Self. Through physical death, we ascend to higher spheres of existence.
Ultimately, to resist death is to set ourselves up for a slow, torturous emotional and – sometimes – physical agony, a far worse kind of punishment.
Death, transformation and evolution are the quintessential Scorpio keywords, and, as goddess Venus dips into the deep murky waters of this sign, starting from November 7, 2017, the darwinian pressure to evolve and survive will translate into the realm of relationships, with “adapt or die” becoming the overarching theme in matters of love, pleasure and values.
Scorpio is the vessel of the most intense evolutionary pressure, one that is often triggered by compulsive, obsessive need, and geared towards pushing the boundaries. The crisis that commands and accelerates transformation. The visceral urge that becomes a driving force. The climacteric that prompts us to tap into our personal power and discover our inner resources. Venus’ transit of Scorpio will add an extra slice of edge to relationships, taking issues to the extreme, accelerating matters all the way to the next level or to their timely end.
Aided by the resonance of expansive Jupiter, currently in Scorpio until next year, Venus might also expose the seedy underbelly of our affiliations, bringing secrets and hidden agendas to light, reaching for the truth coiled at the core of our relationship issues.
Resistance will be futile.
The parasitic cords of the connections that have outgrown their purpose and are no longer capable of meeting us where we are, are more likely to be severed during this transit – like when particles move farther apart at the melting point of a solid. On the other hand, relationships which hold true potential for the future will undoubtedly come out of this trial with an added measure of strength, honesty and realness. Or they will re-route in order to accommodate our mutated wants and needs, and fuel our progress. Whatever the ending result, it will be a direct consequence of issues that have been building up for a long time, and that we’ve quite possibly chosen to ignore.
In any case, almost unavoidably, there will be a loss, an ending, a rebirth of what once was into a different shape. Ultimately, though, one of the great lessons of Scorpio Venus lies in the ability to see the difference between the relationships that are truly empowering, and those that simply present themselves as unconditional sources of power and support while hiding a sinister reality of mind games or power struggles. In many cases, what we blindly and desperately hold on to, believing it holds the key to our survival, is actually just hindering our growth.
Venus will spend the rest of the month in the sign of Scorpio, entering buoyant Sagittarius on December 1.

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  • As always when I read your work, blown away by the clarity and power.

    Thank you!

  • Not sure how I got here but I’m shore glad I am! This Scorpio needed to read your words on this day and I am good! Thank you very much and where have you been all my crazy life? Here’s to Clarity & Power!

  • This is so beautifully written I wish it would just go on and on.

  • I may be a little late reading this but am glad I as well stumbled across your writing. This has honestly given me even more clarity as to why certain things resulted this last month. I love this truly honestly filled myself with more power and clarity. Thank you ♥

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