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Venus stations Retrograde, March 4th, 2017 – Silence is Sexy

"What is your Original Face" by Lucy Hardie -
“What is your Original Face” by Lucy Hardie –

The most appropriate word I could come up to describe Venus’ current Rx cycle, which started today, March 4, on 09:08 AM (UT), at 13°08′ Aries, is “surreal”.
The Goddess of Love, Beauty and pleasure reverses into retrograde motion once every 18 months, snapping us out of our social and romantic myopia and urging us to get back in touch with what we truly, honestly value. The last Venus Rx cycle occurred back in July 2015, mostly in the sign of Leo; an eye-opening phase of our love lives that urged us to become aware of the thin between heartfelt and staged, genuine and conceited, emotionally nourishing and barely palliative.
But this time around, things are going to be much different – surprising, even.
Venus just came to a halt in the fierce, self-serving sign of the Ram, and will re-enter ethereal, dreamlike Pisces on April 3; whenever a planet goes Rx, turning inwards becomes an imperative: we exhume, examine, excavate and generally review the matters that are associated with the planetary principle, partly distancing ourselves from the direct engagement in the flow of events in order to step back and regain perspective. Rx Venus wants us to pause the sometimes blind automatisms of our romantic habitus to get in touch with our innermost feelings about the situations we’re involved in; we move backwards, inwards, delving into the – sometimes uncomfortable – Truth of Love, partnerships and desires.
Silence takes over, while the humming of our overworked mental engines fades out. A silence filled with perceptivity, introspection, foreknowledge,  and, perhaps, restlessness. And when the steamy, volcanic energy of Aries blends with the lively, visionary imagination of Pisces, the journey back to the core of our Heart is going to be an interesting one, for sure.
Raw and impetuous like the new life that must fight and compete to ensure its own survival, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac for a reason; without its proactive, assertive push, there would be no separation from the source. No manifestation. No evolution. No existence. It’s this very same push that initiates us into a brand new phase of self-actualization, urging us to reclaim the Self, to fulfil our individual destinies and to do what it takes to overcome our inner and outer struggles. It’s a primal, visceral, self-centered pulse: Aries, the alpha-beast, comes first and wants to be first, no matter what.
When graceful Venus slips into the armour of Mars, this recklessness and spontaneity bleed into the realm of relationships; instincts, passions and urges become the obvious, unmistakable driving force, tearing down the barriers between the Self and the objects of desire.
However, at a time when Jupiter’s transit of Libra encourages, glorifies and magnifies compromise, harmony and gregariousness at all costs, our natural, proactive impulse towards self-empowerment might feel unusually dim and weakened. As our external behaviours, choices and gestures become more and more affected by the influence and prominence of other people’s outlooks, opinions and judgements, the current Rx cycle of Venus acts as a balancing force, bringing us back in touch with what we value, and reminding us of the importance of surrounding ourselves with inputs that support, endorse and uplift who or what we identify with, inflaming our zest for life, vibrating in unison with our passion.
But Rx Venus takes us on an even deeper level of self-analysis, right into the oceanic kingdom of Pisces.

“The aim of individuation is nothing less than to divest the self of the false wrappings of the persona on the one hand, and of the suggestive power of primordial images on the other.” Carl Gustav Jung

Rx Venus in Pisces also brings us to consider the weight other people’s idealized projections hold over us, on one hand, and the true depth and scope of our desires and purest longings, on the other.
When Venus re-enters Pisces, the necessity to disentangle ourselves from the convoluted hall of mirrors of a socially mediated world and detach from the split-off versions of ourselves create by others’ imagination, so that we can embrace the realest essence of what makes us feel nourished and fulfilled on a Soul level, will slowly come to the forefront. Like a journey back to the source of our stream, shedding one layer after another, with art, sexuality and inner vision leading the way.
Especially during this second phase of the Retrograde, it’s even more important than usual to pay attention to synchronicities, signs, dreams and the prophetic messages gleaned from divination – which, in purely Piscean fashion, might present themselves in cunning, yet bewildering guises. Rx Venus in Pisces will call forth the echo of the personal and collective unconscious, a tide that requires graceful, skilled navigation and the ability to receive the subtlest of hints from the Universe. This might happen through sounds, visuals, sudden waves of intuition, impulses towards the alteration of our appearance, reveries, episodes of Déjà-vu, and other unexpected, seemingly irrational channels.
Naturally, existing relationships (of any kind) are bound to run into challenging moments as a consequence to all of the above. Unspoken dissatisfactions, suppressed disagreements, and silenced criticism might surface, forcing both parties to address the issues and secret dynamics underpinning the interaction between them. The veils that concealed our broken hopes and delusions might drop, forcing us to take stock of those sides of our experience that are not in harmony with who we truly are (on a side note, such process might become especially obvious from April 8 to 22, when Venus will interlock with stern, austere Saturn in a sobering, potentially stressful square).
Even old issues that seemed previously resolved might come back into our life – alongside acquaintances from the past, old lovers, and, generally speaking, anything that was once valuable to us, and that, perhaps, while not being meant to stay in our life, can point us towards the missing pieces of ourselves we are trying to recollect from our personal history.
Venus turns direct on April 15 (26°54′ Pisces), but it’s not until May 18, 2017, that she will exit the shadow zone of this retrograde – meaning that this hypnagogic climate of soul-seeking wanderlust will linger for some more weeks after the end of the Rx cycle itself. As always, it’s wise to wait until the shadow zone is behind to act upon any realization or insight that was gained duyring the Retrograde transit.

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  • Always a pleasure to read our astrology xxx


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