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Venus enters Taurus, June 6, 2017 – Sweet Harmony

"Oshun", by Patricia Ariel -
“Oshun”, by Patricia Ariel –

It’s no secret that, in spite of being astrologically ruled by Venus, Love and relationships are not always smooth and harmonious. In many instances, Love can incorporate elements of conflict and strife; goddess Venus herself is quite the complex mythological archetype, comprising many ancient feminine deities incorporated into the familiar Greek-Roman version, many of which were also goddesses of war in addition to symbolizing fertility (think Inanna/Ishtar).
However, whereas Venus in Aries has shown us the muscular, combative, competitive facet of love and eroticism, Venus’ transit of Taurus, from June 6 to July 5, is the sigh of relief that follows a long-awaited truce.
As the Goddess of Love unbuckles the armour plate, lays down the arms, and slips into the sultry robes of the Earth Mother, the atmosphere around relationships and social connections loosens up, becoming poised, tranquil, unhurried. Taurus is one of Venus’ domiciles, and, being the most sensuous, terrene of signs, it sees gracious Venus at her peak strength, doing what she does best: reveling in pleasure, celebrating sensuality, awakening the senses.
Unadorned, hedonistic simplicity is one of Taurus’ hallmarks, but there’s more to the sign of the bull than just lazy enjoyment of earthly delights. There’s a kind of ancestral, practical intelligence to this tranquil, voluptuous Zodiac archetype that is too often overlooked, overshadowed by Taurus’ reputation of being a materialistic, stubborn beast.
Taurus’ raw, basic approach to existential matters is also its greatest strength; this is a pragmatic, no-nonsense sign that values substance over embellishments. Venus’ transit of Taurus is about taking stock of what is really stable, fruitful and productive about our relationships, values, and resources, and watching it bloom. It’s about capitalizing on what we fought for during the Love goddess’ transit of Aries, grounding it, making it ours to keep. It’s about nurturing what is steady and reliable, so that it can nurture us in turn. It’s about roots. Foundations. Basics. Knowing our worth, and never settling for less than we deserve.
Taurus is the opposite polarity to Scorpio. Once we remove doubt, fears, hidden motives and paranoia from the equation, our attention is drawn to the simplest, bare-bone truth of what we have, what we miss, what we can build upon to manifest our desires. That’s the beauty and the gift of Venus in Taurus: what we see is what we get. And, if we discard the frills, the superficial gloss, the superfluous, what we get might be just what we need.

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  • Finally in Taurus! I have a lot of planets in Taurus so this is truly a sign of relief! Heavily pregnant I was so overwhelmed lately. Venus stepped on my Chiron square Saturn (29 Aries, 29 Cancer) that gave me panic attacs and intense fear of other people.

  • Just what I wanted right now

  • As the comments above, this is def what’s needed! &cristina…once again Thank You. What more can i say? 🙂 peace, andria

  • Really really nice post. Lovely writing.

  • Everything was going great until Venus entered my sign. June was terrible for me and it kept getting worse as it went by. I got a terrible sunburn, school ended, and ever since then, I’ve been feeling the need to cry often because I miss my classmates. So yeah.

    • Sorry about that, Trey. That sucks. I suspect, though, that you might be currently affected by other major transits hitting your chart, which might explain the emotional turmoil you’re going through. I hope you’re doing better anyways. Hugs.


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