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Venus enters Taurus, March 31, 2018 – Extra Smooth

Picture by Marco Guerra Studio -
Picture by Marco Guerra Studio –

Taurus is Venus‘ comfy, voluptuous happy place – an oasis of luxury and plenty where the principles of love and relatedness symbolized by this planet can take root and flourish. A luscious garden of delights, where to slow down and unwind. Taurus reminds us of what we have earned, of what we’re worth, of what we deserve. From March 31 until late April, venus will be chilling in this lush, fertile sign, inspiring us to embrace an earthier, hands-on approach to our relationships – to pay attention to the responses of our body, to assess our level of satisfaction, to satiate our appetites. To cherish what nourishes us, and disengage from what drains us.
Pleasure and delight are our birthrights, as Earthlings, as children of the Mother, and there is no better reminder for this than the receptive, sensuous energy of Venus in Taurus.
We have the right to feel good about the company we keep, about the things we surround ourselves with, about the food we put in our body, about the climate that pervades our social interaction. We have the right to feel replenished, fulfilled, to know that the value we bring to someone else’s life is acknowledged and honoured.
Venus in Taurus will prompt us to assess our level of satisfaction and well-being in matters of romance, finances and value. As a result, people will be very likely to hold on to what contributes to a sense of gratification, and refuse to partake any further in situations that feel detrimental, exhausting. Taurus is a fixed sign, which means very little room for bargain, little to no compromise at all. Being aware that people’s decisions in this regard will almost certainly be non-negotiable can be an incentive to invest more energy in spreading the energy we would like to get in return – but only if the appreciation and support are mutual.

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