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Venus enters Virgo, September 20, 2017 – Treasure Hiding

Picture by Angel Lynne -
Picture by Angel Lynne –

Goddess of pleasure, Venus, enters the mercurial maze of Virgo, on September 20, almost simultaneously as this year’s Virgo New Moon. Love, values and relationships become subjected to that same process of scrupulous refinement we are starting under this earthy, discreet lunation; if we’re going to become the best version of ourselves, we need to crank up our standards and allow them to reflect our sense of self-worth, as well.
Cerebral, perfectionist Virgo is not a welcoming environment for this hedonistic, graceful archetype.
I would know, having my natal Venus in Virgo as well.
The Virgoan laser-beam focus on details, minutiae and flaws strips charming Aphrodite of her innocence, trumping her luscious appetite for luxury and comfort, replacing it with careful vigilance and critical analysis. The only option left when we see beauty, relationships and values through the microscope, in all their crooked realness, is to sort out our priorities, choose consciously, and remain aware of the energy we are inviting in our personal space.
This might not sound sexy and/or Venusian at all, but cutting through the debris, stripping away the excess, getting rid of drama, can point us towards what is cleanest, simplest, most efficient – the raw, unpolished treasure hidden in the mud, the object of desire that is most compatible with the voice of the higher Self we are striving to embrace. The real thing. The organic nourishment that can detox us from years of processed food and empty calories.
We should not be afraid to question, to dissect, to pick apart. To yearn for purity, quality, satisfaction, for what we feel we deserve. Like the unfazed, self-contained, powerful virgin who belongs to herself, we are pursuing higher forms of love, beauty and pleasure that reflect who we are at this point in time and can nourish our whole being. In order to attain such lofty goal, we need to face the harsh truth of what is not meant for us, what is not living up to our standards, what just won’t work, no matter how hard we try. Our intuition can’t be fooled that easily. Our bodies know and remember. Our hearts have wisdom in them.
Venus leaves Virgo for Libra on October 14, 2017.

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  • Beautifully structured

  • Oh wow, here’s some more amazing talk. Where have you been all this time?? oh and I feel for you, fellow Virgo Venus 🙂 🙂


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