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Venus enters Aries, March 6, 2018 – Adrenaline

"The Nest", by Katherine Stone -
“The Nest”, by Katherine Stone –

They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” — Unknown

Ecological Spring and astronomical Spring do not always coincide. Nature is as impatient to push her head skywards as we are – often, regardless of the weather, as early bloomers (like Crocus chrysanthus) braving the snow are not an uncommon sight.
Sensuous Venus entered impulsive Aries, the sign of her detriment, today, inspiring us to blossom fiercely and unapologetically, against all odds, and in spite of everything.
The first point of Aries marks the timing of the Vernal Equinox: the Cardinal, fiery sign of the Ram, the first sign of the Zodiac, represents the proactive, assertive impulse of the new life that must fight and compete to ensure its survival. Aries is the beginning, the vigorous thrust that sets life in motion, life itself’s atavistic, unstoppable rebirth. As Venus awakes from her languid Piscean slumber, she invites us to take part to Nature’s awakening, by unearthing our zest for life, and honouring our will to live.
Flowers and plants have a lot to teach us about courage and fortitude, especially at this time of the year: they do not ask for permission to hasten the start of the Spring, nor are they ashamed to flaunt their fragrance and colors. The very fact that we are here, alive and vibrant, still standing, makes us valid, worthy of love, happiness, and (self-)respect. Worthy of feeling good in our own skin. Worthy of feeling confident – of putting ourselves first.
During this transit, the immediacy of the pleasure we know we deserve will be the most tempting prize – the instant gratification, the enjoyment of the senses in the here and now: such is the rapid, flammable nature of the Ram. Lacking the tactical nature of Scorpio, the other Mars-ruled sign, Aries rushes headfirst into battle with heroic, enthusiastic impetus;  so, while Venus in this placement is very likely to turn love into a battlefield, there’s virtually no place for strategy, analysis or elaborate plots. Of course, Venus is not Mars, and charm, sex appeal and kindness are more likely to be her weapons than the brute force of her opposite, but she wields them with a straightforward confidence that’s genuinely typical of this sign. Instincts, passions and urges are the obvious, unmistakable driving force, tearing down the barriers between the Self and the objects of desire. Venus in Aries knows what he wants, and is determined to get it – even if and especially when this involves risk.
May this defiant, relentless Venus remind us of the passion, strength and endurance we’re capable of. May she prompt us to honour our needs, to fight for what we love, to feel proud of how far we have come. May she infuse our hearts with enthusiasm and fearlessness.

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