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Your Questions – When Mars aspects Saturn and Neptune

‘A Spirit or Sidhe in a Landscape’, by Æ (George William Russell).
‘A Spirit or Sidhe in a Landscape’, by Æ (George William Russell).

Ciao Aeterna,
I recently discovered your site and from than I am the follower of your insightful and remarkable posts. Regarding your recent post about aspects of Mars [link to ‘Training your Inner Warrior’ on The Dark Pixie Astrology, I would like to ask you for your insight on the aspects I have: it is Mars conjunct Saturn (2nd house, Gemini) in opposition to Neptune (8th house, Sagittarius). I recognized myself a lot in your both descriptions of Mars/Saturn and Mars/Neptune, and in this quiet struggling aspects, I would love to hear your opinion on how to make those two strong and in a way opposing energies work together. Thank you very much for your time and dedication. Hopefully, I might soon ask you for a personal reading. All the good (visiting your site, I noticed that you might be living in Italy… Just curious as I moved to Italy 4 years ago, in Milan 🙂 …)”

Dear Kveen,
I have a similar configuration in my chart, with Mars aspecting both Saturn and Neptune (among others). Quite the confusing mix indeed. But this doesn’t mean you cannot make it work.
Typically, Mars/Saturn requires you to constantly  sharpen and harness your raw power, while Mars/Neptune is about acting on your intuition and modulating your energy levels. One thing doesn’t exclude the other. Quite the contrary, your stern Mars/Saturn conjunction, with its emphasis on achievement and discipline, needs that soothing Neptune opposition. The integration of opposites creates balance. They can feed off each other.
What this means in practical terms: using your Mars/Saturn laser-beam-like focus to actively pursue your creative talents. Using Neptune to soothe the pressure of Mars/Saturn through spirituality and creative expression. Knowing when to charge ahead and when to go with the flow.
A few personal examples: I’m extremely motivated (Mars/Saturn) when it comes to my artistic (Neptune) endeavours. I draw the energy to take care of worldly duties (Mars/Saturn) from art and spirituality; the more I cultivate my artistic and mystical inclinations, the less burdensome the world appears to be.
I hope this cleared things up for you! Also, I’m currently living in Milan too. Come say hi!

Do you have Mars in aspect to Saturn and/or Neptune (or both) in your chart? How do you work with the energy?

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  • funny, since i thougt about mars/saturn a lot in the last days and thought about to write something. 😉 do i make these work? first of all its not a pure mars opposition saturn. sun, venus, jupiter also plays a big part in that aspect. i come from the psychological trained astrology. it has a lot do to for example, with repression of desires or repression and cruelty in general. from mother or authority figures in general. saturn also represents the superego/high self (freud). so, really questioning. what is this superego telling me? and is it right? so my mars never had the chance, to get his own will in his own time. i think, its way too complex to write it all down. how i handle this aspect? first of becoming aware, that there is an issue i have to work on, dont expect huge steps, stop trying to project yourself on the outer self, finding an outlet for the pressure…like sports or doing something where I can really be focused, claiming own authority over me, developing my own rights, which is hard for an aries mars, because I dont like it slow. constant facing the fear of failure and work through. really work it through. i picture saturn as the part of myself who wants to protect me, as an old wise instant in me who warns me, not going too fast but gradually build my life in the direction, I want to. of course, not an easy task. and of course, developing patience, which sucks. 😉 rulership over the houses also gives a clue for me, how i can strengthen this part of me. what gives me comfort is, that mars/saturn in a positive and healthy way is a powerbooster, which allows you to be really focused and reach high goals, if you work through whatever that is, what is blocking the self.

  • I have Mars conjunct DSC and Saturn ( Mars and DSC 5 Leo , Saturn 29 Cancer) Mars and Saturn gives me resilience and strengh to oppose difficult people I meet on my way ( karma) . Old Man ( Saturn ) with power or just aggresive , harrasing ( Leo Mars)
    My Saturn/ Mars / DSC conjunction is squaring natal Uranus 3 Scorpio unfortunately.

  • I have 8th house (Virgo) Mars &Neptune conjunction and 2nd house (Pisces) Saturn & Mars opposition. Ofcourse my Mars opposes my Sun in the 2nd house as well. I believe these combination of planets ofcourse gives particular behaviour instincts. But I usually wonder about the deeper meaning or the divine story in between the lines. If each one of us come to this world for a particular reason. There must be more to those oppositons and conjunctions. (I am not writing this because i Know the meaning of these oppositions or conjunctions 🙂 Just to mention my furher curiosity regarding the subject. My best wishes 🙂

  • Dear Aeterna, after a long period …
    thank you so much for your answer … and clarity you brought to this subject …

    As you said the aspect is confusing and yet so rewarding if the energies of those two “masters” are matched good together …. There is a beautiful potential of it which can bring enormous focus, discipline and will when there is artistic/or a kind of divine goal … I experienced it myself … In these periods it seems as you are unstoppable … It also can be experienced in reversed way … It is as if in the presence of divinity, the mundane life can become sacred … In just being present, the everyday habit becomes divine ritual …

    There is also a hardness of this aspect which can bring me to the extremes … If I am “taken” much by Neptunian energy I can ignore the physicality of this world, including my own body … with a kind of disgust to material, mundane, financial aspects … Or take escapist travels into Neptunian underworld of my 8th house … If the Saturn prevail, I am in the hell of rigid seeking goals, self-imposed restriction, fear of surviving … It can be summed in the question “Can I survive living my true self”? …

    ( The theme of my experiences may have connection with a thing that this aspect is between my 2nd and 8th house, and that’s why the issues of the body, money, … are heighten … The potential and balance are found in sort of spiritual or artistic practices which involves body ( which generally is necessity) … One simple example could be practicing martial arts … There is a warrior (Mars) grounded in its body, with sacred discipline (Saturn) to reach divine goal (Neptune))

    The last year 2016 was one of the years when Saturn and Neptune formed the challenging aspect … Going through memory of some hardest years, I realized that usually those were the ones: 1998/99, 2007 … In those years I feel as if I am cut off from Neptune world, and what is left is dry Saturn world … At the same time, those years are overlapped with ending of 9 years cycles … The years number 9 …

    As you see and know, there is an urge for a good marriage between those two players 

    Write you soon on FB … and looking forward !!!
    Grazie Mille e Buon Anno***

  • I can work on these questions because I’m getting them also from I think that if you want to know the answers, you can contact me for sure.


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